Just Cause 2

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Amid all this free-form gameplay are lots of faction missions to perform for the seven gangs you work with, as well as some longer agency missions that progress the story. A quantity of these missions are fun & varied, such as one in which you must defuse a series of bombs by stunt leaping from one vehicle to another. Most of them combine Cause 2's various mechanics in fascinating ways, having you fly an aircraft, infiltrate guarded fortresses, & destroy specific objects in the work of a single task. But even when flaunting this type of variety, some missions are not enjoyable because they magnify the small issues that not very register in the work of your free-form travels. For example, the waypoint arrow gets confused by different altitudes, which is never an issue when you are travelling to your chosen location, but it is a bigger irritation when a time limit is pushing you to find an exact spot. Heavily scripted escort missions saddle you with AI companions who think nothing of wandering in to fire. & stronghold takeovers get monotonous because they play out more or less the same way every time. The game's loose mechanics make for freewheeling fun when you choose your own actions, but they can sometimes lead to irritations when the game pushes you down a specific path.

These are not game-breaking flaws, however; definitely not in light of the large and stunning world Cause 2 places at your fingertips. There is a lot to do, plenty of sights to take in, and plenty of secrets to uncover in the event you look hard enough--and the game is a lot fun that you will have a blast doing it. After all, you can grapple to a gas canister, shoot it, and fly in to the air like a rocket. And if that sounds like fun to you, it is time for a holiday to the island paradise of Panau.